Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Last weekend, we got this dining room table.  On craigslist....

for $140.  We had been looking at similar tables and they were running $300 or so new.  And this one is sturdier than some that we looked at.  The guy told us it was almost brand new and barely used.  Sometimes ads say that and it's NOT true... but this one looks brand new and has almost no scratches :) hip hip hooray for us.  I love a good deal... especially a good deal on something we need/want/were already planning to purchase.

So, in lieu of my recent craigslist success, I have been re-inspired to keep an out on craigslist for a good couch.  Probably we will just buy one new.  Couches are tricky to find used at a good deal- smells, stains, etc...  And the good ones go fast.  Plus they're a hassle to haul.  Anyway, while browsing craigslist, I came across this couch ad:

Ashley 3 piece set - $20 (Omaha)

Date: 2011-09-13, 2:50PM CDT
Reply to: see below [Errors when replying to ads?]

I have a 3 piece ashley retro style couch set.It has couch loveseat and ottoman.Its dirty needs cleaned.It was in a smoking enviroment and there are a few burn holes.They are still comfortable.They are a red fabric material and have chrome legs.Im only asking $20 considering the condition.Structurally still good and once cleaned they will be nice or throw a sheet over.All three pieces $20 Firm.If you can pickup and have cash Call me 402-612-2198 NO TEXTS These are not perfect so dont think you are getting perfect.They are dirty and have some burn holes but structually good.I dont have pictures.You haul I will remove once sold Thanks

What do you think?  Should I go for it? ;)


In other random news, I was chit-chatting with my bro on g-chat yesterday afternoon.  To catch you up, he just moved to Palo Alto, California to start at Stanford - working towards a phd in engineering physics, more specifically the mini-field of "fluid dynamics."  The "quotes" are because I don't really know what it means. :)  If you'd like to read me bragging about Brian in a previous blog post, you may click here.  [What can I say? I'm a proud older sister... Plus he's probably the closest chance I'll ever have to knowing someone who will likely earn some sort of science prize or invent something really cool.]  Perhaps you'll find this conversation amusing.  

 me:  what project did you pick?
 brianpierce1010:  ahh yes
 brianpierce1010:  well for projects, my choices were 1) super hydrophobic surfaces research (something w/ navy), 2) flat plate boundary layer transition from laminar to turbulent flow, and 3) application of a new numerical method to Poissons equation.  I am pretty sure I am going to go w/ number 3
 me:  that's what i would have suggested
 brianpierce1010:  even though 1 probably sounds coolets in terms of the name
the actual work...not so much
 me:  and in terms of the the navy.  so number 3 will be the most interesting?
 brianpierce1010:  #3 is great though, cause if its successful, it could really save like everyone in the lab lots of simulation time
 me:  of course! what does that mean? like what will you do?
 brianpierce1010:  so like, a professor here came up w/ a new method for solving systems and i'll be trying to see if it can be applied to a common problem
u remember systems of equations? from like jr high, where u have maybe 2 equations, and two variables?
like, 2x + 4y = 6
and 3x + 2y = 4
something like that
 me:  oh yeah i know that.  i could totally be an engineer...
 brianpierce1010:  haha exactly  so to summarize, that is a 2x2 system (you don't count the 6 and 4)  its all abou twhats on the left hand side of the =
 me:  right... and you would be working with like 100 x 100 systems?
 brianpierce1010:  lol, that would be small
maybe like 10000x10000
maybe 1000x1000
something along those lines
and then u solve like 1000 of them
 me:  LOL  i was trying to exaggerate wtih 100
 brianpierce1010:  and so what computers all do now is use "Gaussian Elimination" which says you can solve it in about n^3 operations, but if n=10000, then n^3 is huge
 me:  woah. you lost me.

For the record, I did go on to have a fraction of understanding. but blah blah blah.


I had the cutest piano student yesterday. She's 5 and smart.  From the first lesson, we learn a song by rote using the rhythm-words "pepperoni pizza" to play this rhythm:  (kids love this.  it mostly is for their finger technique/ hand position development)


So this little tyke is singing at the top of her lungs "PEPPERONI PIZZA- PEPPERONI PIZZA" while she plays her notes.  So cute.  Almost in tune.  :) 
Then, she looks over and giggles when she's done.  She loves the piano.  I wanted to video tape her singing, but decided that'd be creepy. Borderline pedifile since this is only her 3rd lesson with me.  Maybe once mom knows for sure I'm not a weirdo.  [or maybe the jury's still out on that... ;)]


I'm going to work on blogging more regularly.  I enjoy it.  it's like journaling kinda.  but public.  so kinda not. 


p.s. did you check out this post about my amazing husband running the Chicago Marathon???  you should.



  1. Renee - I was about to send this conversation to Mom and Dad. Looks like you had the same idea.

    Also, fyi, its the mechanical engineering department (not engr. physics, even though my fantasy football name has physics in it).

  2. LOL just when I thought I had it down...

  3. Don't worry! If I were told to grade you on your understanding of what I do in school, you'd definitely get an A.

    And remember, it all (sort of) began when you took me to dinner in high school cause of my (not quite stellar) grades...