Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Random Link Fun

I am not informed enough to post links to cool things on the internet consistently, but these are some things I've found that I  thought might be interesting to others...

Study the Bible more effectively with these tips.  (It's geared to preachers but applicable to all us non-preaching-lovers-of-God's-Word too.)

Flying on 9/1//2011  Woman racially profiled

What to do with kids and technology in this generation? (nope- not having a kid yet :) but we were just talking about this topic in our small group) technology and kids

I'm considering ordering this to create a fun, efficient calendar!  Plus it's pretty 

Pretty Fall Decor #1

Pretty Fall Decor #2

Happy web-surfing!  [remember when people called it that? i'm bringing it back] ;)