Thursday, August 25, 2011

Thrift Stores

I'm not one of those cool people who gets all their clothes from thrift stores and still looks pulled together (like this girl). But i do like browsing at a goodwill or salvation army here and there.  And I especially like it for certain things.

For example, shirts for Ben for his T.A. job.  we put this particular shirt back... a little too much rainbow sherbert goin on.

 but we got all these :)

And lamps.  I needed an extra lamp for my new scrapbooking space (which I LOVE having).  And I ran into this guy for 99 cents :) All he needs is a head.

 The reason I was so excited about that little yellow lamp is because he matches the other little yellow lamp I have.  Which I also got at Goodwill. For $2.99. like 3 years ago.
Now my crafting will be well lit :) Totally relevant side story - i created a scrapbook page the other day, feeling good about it.  only to look at it in better light and realize the papers didn't match like i thought they did.  enter a 2nd lamp. 

As we were packing to move out of our Chicago apartment, I found a giant bin of VHS movies.  Who watches those right?  Ben reluctantly let me donate them along with our VHS player, which we hadn't used all year.  (He wanted to save them. I hate clutter and I especially don't like unused clutter.  and i love to throw things out, sometimes to the extreme.)

But, on the infamous night last week when we went to the Salvation Army Thrift Store to get Ben's shirts, we saw all these fun old movies while standing in line.  Ben started picking some up. I followed suit.  They were 99 cents.  We purchased them, went back to the electronics section, picked out a VHS player for $5.99 and the rest is history.