Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Yesterday, I wrote about how Satan is a liar.  One way I think he lies is through distractions.  huh? you say... well, let me give you a personal example.

I use this website as a way to help me memorize (and remember!) scripture.  I usually do this first thing in the morning... cup of coffee in hand, of course ;)  Recently, I signed on to memverse, and while it was loading opened a couple more tabs for email, blogs, and facebook.  because, why not have social media overload.  oh, she moved there? and they got engaged? and answer the email from my mom.  and respond to new student emails. and fun new blog post. and.... wait, what did I get on the computer to do?

Now obviously we've all experienced this in other ways.  I.e. flashback to college.  for me, not that long ago.  get online to do research, next thing you know, 1 hour has passed and you're on facebook.  with no research.

But how much more detrimental to be distracted from God.  from meditating on his Word.


I truly believe that Satan whispers things to us to distract us from activity that honors God.

Reading the Bible... He's whispering don't forget to do this later, you need to check the laundry, email so-and-so, put up that sign, post that blog, defrost that chicken.  seriously. personal experience. 
Quality time with spouse... think about this. read this book. you don't want to watch that movie.  what'd he say? whatever.
Getting ready for church... distracted by rushing around, petty arguments, tiredness
Small group... how is it that a million other things come up that night of the week to say "no" to.  Coincidence? I think not. 

you get the picture... 

So, no matter how long that memory verse website takes to load (sometimes, it's slow) I resolved not to open any more tabs.  I will wait patiently and not be distracted.  I will ignore the enemy and tell him to go away.  Because he is "roaming around like a roaring lion, seeking those he can devour" (1 Peter 5:8).

Here's to resisting distractions!!

p.s. I've been loving this blog, recommended to me by this friend... hence the rainbow text.  (scroll down the "whatever" blog and you'll see what I mean. the lady likes her rainbows)  you might be seeing more rainbows here. what can i say? it's cheery :)