Friday, August 12, 2011

Master Bedroom

Well hello there.  It's been a while.  I have to admit, I've missed blog world.  I mean, the google reader app just isn't the same.  We're all moved in to our new rental house in Lincoln.  We just got internet today :) woohoo!  Ben and I have been enjoying surfing the web all morning!!! Our house is beginning to feel like "home." 

Disclaimer - I have a lot of free time these days, so be prepared.  There might be many more posts than you care to read.

So, in some of my free time in between moves, I was playing around with this whole "mood board" thing.  Why is it called a mood board? Idk.  But I have a slight interior design obsession lately.  It's been a long time developing - first trading spaces on TLC (anyone remember that), then HGTV, then the design blogs...  Anyway, I'm not super trendy or into spending a lot of money on design, but I do enjoy browsing the world wide web and getting ideas.  I'm just gonna stop trying to justify why this is fun for me.

I made this "mood board."  I'm visual and was trying to picture a few different items we've purchased and what would look good in our master bedroom.  I just did it in Microsoft Word... not very fancy.  Then I couldn't figure out how to turn the file (doc) into a picture file (jpeg) so I just took a screen shot of it. And voila. 

Here was our blank slate:

and here's the current work in progress

Unfortunately, the "neutral" comforter we own is the exact color of the beige/blan walls in the ENTIRE house.  We like our landlady.  She's willing to let us paint, but she seems hesitant.  I'm workin' on it.  Hoping to get a white comforter and paint the walls a cheery light blue/grey... we have some time in this house so we'll see. it's not on the priority list.

my half of the closet :) we're going without dressers - open shelves built into the closet work just dandily

That frame w/ wedding vows was from a family friend; the vase was from a crate and barrel set and the table is from my childhood bedroom :) donated by mi madre. 

So not exactly what the "mood board" dictated, but hey - we're on a budget.  I had fun doing one of those little mood board things and it occurred to me - this is fun even if I wasn't going to try to recreate the final product.  I can't believe people get paid to do that (probably they do ones a lot more high tech than mine, but still...) They get paid to make one of those, then somebody else pays for the items and they put it all together. Not a bad deal.  How can I get in on that?!

Well, off to do more internet surfing.  Is anyone into this pinterest thing? I can't make a decision about it.  Adios for now. You can bet I'll be back shortly with all my spare time :)

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