Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Observations about Lincoln

We've lived in Lincoln for 12 days.  I've made some observations and comparisons between Lincoln and Chicago.

1.  Drivers do not treat bikes like cars (like in Chicago).  In fact, mostly, drivers don't notice bikers. 
2.  When you are turning out of a business driveway on to a busy street, people wave you to cut in front of them with a smile (as opposed to speeding up and glaring at you for even thinking about entering the road.)
3.  There is no Marshall's.  Sigh.
4.  Strangers ask personal questions.  For example, checking out at the cash register, "what is that rash?" (regarding a burn on my hand that looks gross and disgusting.)
5.  We've met all our neighbors.
6.  I was in and out of Lincoln Public Schools HR in about 30 minutes tops.  CPS HR was NEVER even close to that efficient.  And LPS is recovering from a fire that burnt down their district offices...
7.  There are lots of local businesses

more to come.