Wednesday, February 19, 2014

those cheesy bible verse sing along songs

When I was little, my parents used to play these Steve Green kids Bible verse sing along songs... on cassette tape. It's cheesy, people. I mean on the cover of the CD it says "Bible memory melodies."  
But the thing is, all the verses that I know inside and out from memory were memorized as a young kid, primarily through music or AWANA. So, though I generally don't love anything that would fit in the the category of "children's music"(i.e. kids singing in unison, sometimes slightly out of tune, with a cheesy sounding adult joining in, and always some cheerful talking... we can talk another time about how in the world I taught elementary school music), I'm willing to sacrifice. Of course, there is tons of great, scripture based music out there you can play instead too. 

Anyway, all that to say, I've been playing those same songs my parents played when I was a kid. 
Generally I turn it on in the late afternoon when things are getting slightly hectic and I'm trying to make dinner and need my tired, teething 1 year old to entertain herself. 

But, watch out! 
Because if, at the time when your kids are melting, and dinner is burning, and your hair is falling out (you know what I mean, mommas!)... if at THAT time, you start playing Bible verse music, or any worship music for that matter, you might find yourself increasingly cheerful as your husband walks through the door. And you may find yourself less irritable towards your kiddos. And you will probably be singing Bible verses to yourself all the live long day. And you may even find you have a little extra energy for the evening. So, consider yourself warned. 

I just use this playlist on youtube and turn my screen saver on, but you could always buy the music on iTunes or dig the cassette tape out from my parents' attic. 

p.s. This video is my other coping mechanism for THAT time. It is cheesier and the songs are even more annoying, but my kid loves it. 

Do you have any kid memory verse strategies and/or coping strategies for THAT time of day? :)