Tuesday, April 15, 2014

+worlds toughest job

Motherhood is on my mind a lot lately.
15 month old + 32 1/2 weeks pregnant (but who's counting).
85% of my friends are pregnant.
Mother's day coming up.
My mom is coming to visit soon.
And quite frankly, it's my job.

Anyway, I saw this video on facebook & I knew where they were going with it, but it still made me pretty teary. Chances are it's shown up on your news feed already, but if not, take a minute to watch :)

I'm not sure why this video got to me so much. I laughed out loud when he said the demands go up at Christmas & Thanksgiving, and then was crying by the end.

Maybe it's because we're in a new "season" with our first... figuring out toddlerhood. How to train, discipline, teach, love. All the while anticipating jumping back into newborn mode with number 2 - the sleep deprivation, the wondering what they need, the nursing around the clock.
Now, I know this is nothing new. Many of you have done this several times over & are old pros.
And I also know it's not going to last forever.

But right now, this is our day in and day out.
Learning to say 'no thank you' instead of 'nooooo.'
Learning to pick up the toys & be gentle with the paper books.
Learning to color on paper, not walls.
Learning to hold mommy's hand in the parking lot and be careful going down the stairs.
Learning to wait patiently when we want something.
Learning that it's okay to be disappointed when we don't get what we want, but it's part of life & tantrums aren't acceptable. (Let's be honest - we're all working on this one.) :)
Lots of falls and bumps and bruises & tears.
Lots of tickles and hiding games and giggles.
Physical exhaustion.
Learning to rest & slow & prioritize.
Learning to accept help.

Sometimes it's beautiful, rewarding, and full of laughter. And sometimes it's hard and full of tears.

Yes, motherhood is for life.
But also, for everything there is a season.
Right now, my season is young children & they won't be young forever.
I have been given, no, entrusted with, these tiny hearts to mold and shape and teach. Maybe you have too.
So, amidst the diaper changes and tantrums, amidst the peanut butter in the hair [anyone else's kids!?!?] and trying to sweep up rice and peas, let's cherish it. Because while it may be the world's toughest job, it might also be the world's best job.

p.s. this post was encouraging to me & good for a laugh.