Friday, March 7, 2014

sugar resolution fail

In case you hadn't noticed, I'd been on a bit of a baking kick. Well, that's fine and dandy if I'm bringing the tray of sugar cookie bars somewhere else. But if the sweet treat is staying at my house, as in the infamous case of the banana chocolate chip coffee cake, it becomes dangerous business. On one hand, I exercise regularly... on the other hand, 3 pieces of coffee cake a day is just bad for you no matter how much you drag your preggo self to the gym. Sugar is kind of  definitely an addicting substance. Inspired by a friend who commented that if I stopped eating it for 5 days, I wouldn't want it as much anymore, I resolved to cut sugar for a week. Cold turkey. Enough was enough. For two days, I resisted all the urges. I went back to my healthy snacks (fruit, veggies, hummus, almonds, etc...) and I was feeling pretty darn good about it.

Well, date night rolled around (woot woot) & we were venturing down to the North End for some Italian. No problem. Easy to avoid dessert when the dinner portion is enough food to last me a week. We headed down to catch the T at Harvard Square and there they were.
Girl scouts.
With their shiny faces and ridiculous vests and amazing cookies.

I love girl scout cookies.

You see, a few weeks ago, people started bombarding social media with their excitement as those little boxes of cookies got dropped off on their door steps. Well the girl scouts don't come to your door in an apartment complex in Cambridge. So, I mourned this year's loss and figured next year would come around. And that maybe, just maybe, a generous friend who ordered cookies would share just one caramel delight with me.

Imagine the extreme wave of emotion that overcame me as I walked down into that subway stop and there they were. The girl scouts & their cookies. [Insert chorus of angels singing in perfect harmony.]
And we had cash. We never have cash on us.
It was meant to be.
So, we bought a box... I mean, 3. And I thought limiting it to 3 was pretty good self-control.
I've been savoring them all week.
They are just as delicious as I remembered.
Goodbye sugar resolution, hello Girl Scout cookies. [Although, I will say, by calling it quits on the twice-weekly baked goods, our sugar intake is down quite a bit.]

Oh. one more thing. I feel it is my social responsibility to share this with you. Last night, as I browsed the interwebs while eating a girl scout cookie or 2, I stumbled on this...

It explains so much. Two bakeries. (one. the other.)
It's also very confusing. I mean, one sells tagalongs (the peanut butter ones) & do-si-dos, but the other sells the lemonade ones. They both sell a caramel-delite-type cookie. So, do all the girl scouts sell cookies from both bakeries? Or does it depend on the troop? Honestly, I feel a little cheated. I'm not sure what to feel. [Nothing. The answer is- this should not impact my life in any way. at all.]

(Side note: the rest of that article has 16 other 'shocking food facts.')

Okay, so do you or do you not girl-scout cookie?? (that's a verb, right?) What is your favorite? On a scale of 1-10, 10 being the most disappointed you've ever been in your entire life, how disappointed are you that there are 2 different cookie companies?