Wednesday, March 28, 2012


I stumbled across this website today.  It looks full of delicious & healthy recipes! I can't wait to try something from it on next week's menu.

Tomorrow, i'm headed to Chicago.  I'm trying not to call it "home" because right now, our home is Lincoln, Nebraska.  And I want to be at home here in Lincoln rather than always be longing for my previous home.  At the same time, Chicago and its greater suburban area have a special place in my heart.

I'm almost done with this book.  It's good.  Especially if you are married or ever think you might be married ;) 

Speaking of books, I requested books at the library that had long waiting lists and they all came in at the same time! And they're all big!  Yikes!  Meanwhile, I haven't been reading because I've been a crazy sewing nutcase.

We have been without a car yesterday and today, (it's @ the mechanic) so i might resort to a run instead of the crazy exercise class i usually attend.  keyword, might.

I came here to blog and kill time waiting for my 10:30 lesson to show.  He never did.  So I think I'll go sew until the next estudiante arrives.  I find it semi- irritating when people just don't show up.  But actually, it means i get paid and don't work, so most of the time, it's no big deal.  It happened yesterday too. 

Happy Thursday,