Tuesday, March 13, 2012

bow-chicka-wow-wow... got a new CD

so i recently ordered a game on Amazon and had it shipped to our house.  [side note - this game is called Settlers of Catan. You've probably heard of it because people who play it are obsessed and talk about it a lot.  no shame. i am now one of those people. don't judge them  us.]  anywho, i pulled into the driveway and was pleasantly surprised by the packages at my doorstep, even though i ordered them.  packages are still fun, even if you ordered them.

well, one package was addressed to me, and one to my husband.  our amazon account has my husband's name, and it was a big box, so i knew that was the game. but what was this other mystery package!?  of course i opened that one first.

and guess what!?!?!?!?

it was the newest album from the singer i am most obsessed with lately.  i had wanted this CD but hadn't purchased it yet.  and included with the CD was a VERY SWEET LOVE NOTE from my super cool husband. 

talk about my love language!    

wow. i was stoked.  i saved the love note and ripped into the CD and it's even better than i imagined.

Here's the mp3 download on amazon.

Here's one of my fav songs off this cd, which is still in my player, and will be for a while.  ["cd player" reminds me... does anyone still use CD players? or do people all use iPods now? our car doesn't have any ability to connect to an iPod, not to mention, i don't own one. DORK with a capital D.  so, CDs it is for us.]

a final side note about cds.  this was the conversation we had in the car the other day:

me (grabbing CD as if it's a piece of paper): here, let's put this in
ben (taking CD from me, holding it around the edge, so as not to touch the back): this is a better way to hold CDs so they don't get smudgy and skip... at least until i burn it into the computer, then you can hold it however you want.

i laughed out loud.  he's so funny and sweet! he was genuinely being nice. i told him i knew how to hold a CD the right way but i just chose to hold it like a child and would try to do better :) haha

got any new CDs lately?