Wednesday, March 14, 2012

turn off that lame-o music and turn up the awesomeness!

on the topic of music, you should know people often ask me about music.  especially in the context of voice lessons.  "Renee, have you heard of _________?" The answer is usually "no" because i am a dork and don't know cool musicians.  don't get me wrong, I LOVE hearing good music. and i'm very picky about it - i can't stand listening to bad, or even mediocre music. i'd rather it be silent.  but for someone with a lot of opinions, i don't have all the patience to sit and listen to tons of bad music while trying to find the "it" new awesome song. 

my cool husband, on the other hand, is the person who is listening to that awesome band before they ever get popular. you know, the people who find bands in small venues when they still do free concerts and what not. 

so, i benefit greatly from this relationship. ben finds new music and buys it and i get to listen.

we've been working on developing our christian music playlist lately and here's some of my current favs.

Audrey Assad (more about her HERE)

All Son & Daughters (song: All the Poor and Powerless)

Jonny Lang (song: that great day)
great guitarist & lyricist, blues influence, christian

Jimmy Needham (song: Not without love/ Forgiven and loved)
i don't like everything of his but i do love some of it

Israel Houghton (song: "Every Prayer"; with Mary Mary)

if you know me well, you could guess that last one is my fav. why, you ask? give me a gospel choir in the background (or any kind of choir, really) and have them change keys a couple times and i'm happy :)
so here's the thing. i know you would never do this, but sometimes i judge someone based on their music tastes. but i have decided not to do that. you can listen to whatever you want. so, if you don't like this, sorry! if you do like it, listen to it legally and enjoy!  

speaking of listening to it legally, i am learning about all the hidden treasures of pandora. more to come on that another time.

so, did you listen to those? do you like them? what else do you like? share please! 

rockin out,

p.s. sorry about the title of this post, i'm not sure what has come over me.


  1. love all the poor and powerless... you HAVE TO get the new passion cd.. it is so sos sos osososoosos sooooooooooooooooooooo amazing. is that enough so's?

    1. i'll think about it... maybe you could be more convincing? ;)