Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Random Tuesday

We are going home for Ben to run the Chicago Marathon this weekend.  I wonder if Chicago will always be home for me...?

Even though we're only going to be home for like 1 day, I'm STOKED!  [yeah, i said it]
I'm excited to see my family.
I'm excited to go to church.
I'm excited to see some girlfriends.
and I'm excited to see my husband accomplish his year-long goal of running his 1st marathon.

Yippeeeeeee!!!!!  [insert happy dance]

I started trying to sell stuff on ebay and craigslist for some extra moola.  Not much.  Just dabbling in it.  So far, I've made $36.92 (including shipping expenses and the couple things I purchased to resell.)  What's your best sale so far? you ask... I'm so glad you asked!  I bought a ladder bookshelf at a garage sale for $10 and sold it for $50.  I was pretty excited.  :)  Worst sale?  I lost money on shipping a CD through half.com.  Woops!

I'm going to make this as a message board for my piano area.  Click here if you want to make one too! It looks ridiculously easy.

My college roommate and I started a new Bible study together using A Woman of Hospitality, by Dee Brestin.  By the 3rd question, God had already shown me the difference between entertaining and hospitality.  And convicted me that I need to "entertain" less and serve others by being hospitable more.  I think this one's a winner.
               entertaining = for me
               hospitality = for others

Made 2 recipes with the crockpot last week.  (will share later) I.love.the.crockpot.  I was scared of it but thank goodness I got over that.  It's amazing!

true confessions - i'm on an NFL fantasy football team.  i let the computer pick my players. i'm ranked 6th out of 10. wah wah. 

we don't have t.v.  well, we have A t.v. but we can't watch anything on it.  no cable. tried a digital antenna thingy - didn't work in the basement. haven't gotten around to signing up for netflix. it's actually kinda refreshing.  i'm not one of those "i'm-better-than-you-because-i-don't-watch-t.v." people... i actually like t.v. a lot. but we don't have tons of time together at nights anyway because of weird schedules so it works for us for now.  we've discussed getting celebratory cable when we finishing paying my student loans... hopefully sooner than later.

happy tuesday,