Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Error. ErRoR. ERROR!!

I have a great dad.  He is wise - the "wisdom from above" kind of wise.  Over the years, he has taught me about 3 different types of errors people in the Bible made that we can learn from and learn how to avoid. 

Here are his words...

1) I used to ask for "kings."  This is asking for something that is not the Lord's will - he says no - and I pursue it anyway. 

2) I used to do a ''moses."  This is not understand the timing of the Lord and getting way ahead or behind His timing of something He really was leading me to do.

3) I used to create "ishamales--" just doing something that I have direct power to do,  For example, when I quit my job, bought a car on lease, etc. 

All 3 of these can be very costly in time and money besides delaying God's plan for my life.

There you have it! 3 types of errors to avoid.