Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Beginning of Summer

My cousin Christa came to visit from Georgia - Michigan Ave shopping was a must!

Christa was FASCINATED by a beach in a city :)

You can barely see them but we met up with Kyle and Erin

Madison Ave bridge at 5:30 pm - full of commuters

waiting for the water taxi

3 of my favorite guys riding the Chicago Water Taxi from train station to China Town - a must if you're visiting! 

trying to be artsy w/ the camera

artsy #2

artsy #3

my bro Brian and my cousin Bryan chowin' on burgers at "big Brian's" graduation party

bubbles were good for about 3 hours straight of toddler entertainment

my 4 year old cousin, Brody

this is what happens when Brody (picture above this one) gets the camera and says "say cheese" to my dad.