Wednesday, May 13, 2015

When Daddy's Away

Ben has ended up traveling with his job more than we anticipated. We're kinda figuring out what our limits are in terms of his time away, learning how to stay connected while he's gone, and finding things to curb the insanity when I'm flying solo for a few days. This past trip, the girls and I stayed at my inlaws' house for a change of pace and some company! Not to mention, we upped the adult to kid ratio. #winning

Exploring at a park.

They found a new game. There might have been crashing involved. Also - pay no attention to the rusty metal poles sticking out where there used to be a cover attached. #safteyfirst

Swinging in the backyard! 

We played with our new do-a-dot markers. 

I mentioned patterns. She liked to say the word "pattern" but didn't really get it :) 

Dad came home on a Friday, and they watched "Frozen" together on Saturday morning. She lasted about 15 minutes. But she talked about "watching Frozen with Daddy eating popcorn in a cozy blanket" all week. 

We're always glad when Daddy gets back home. 

p.s. these do-a-dots are still fun a few weeks later. not bored yet. she LOVES to put her work on the fridge. oh dear. luckily she hasn't figured out why they aren't there a couple days later. am I a bad mom for throwing them out? what the heck else are you supposed to do with all their coloring pages? please tell me i'm not the only heartless mother who throws out stuff like this? 
[side note - I cropped out the bottom of this pic because, internet, but she's naked on the bottom here! ha! she loves to have "naked buns" at home lately. my little free spirit.]

we hadn't talked about patterns much since a few weeks ago. randomly out of the blue, she grabbed 2 colors and said "i'm going to make a pattern." she got impatient with switching off - the rest of the picture is all red. Frequently, my mind is blown by what she soaks in and remembers.