Tuesday, May 12, 2015

A weekend of poop & a messy house

I recently wrote about ways I keep my house clean.

Lest that post at all communicated that our house is always clean, please know we were a hot mess by Friday night. These pictures are proof.

My friend and I sometimes competitively text each other pictures when our house is messy. We're going to invent a new pinterest where you can only post "real life" stuff.

This doesn't even do it justice... you can't see the other counter and the kitchen table!

This picture was taken at 4:30. I was in the kitchen and noticed Emma had been unusually quiet for a minute. I peeked in on her in the next room to find she had dug an apple core out of our library bag. We had gone to the library at 10:30 and Addie had an apple there...

What? You don't let your kids eat 6 hour old half eaten apples?

All 3 of these people pictured had a nasty diarrhea stomach bug for a few days. TMI? It was rough. Let's just say there was a lot of poop. And a lot of laundry. And a lot of diapers. And a lot of movie watching for the 2 year old.

You win some and you lose some.
Don't give up when you have a losing day.
Tomorrow is a new one and there is grace for each day.

There's a line in the old hymn, Great is thy Faithfulness, that I love...

"strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow"

Whether you are having a messy-house-babies-eating-old-apples-on-the-floor-kind-of day or you are walking through a heavier trial,

Strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow. 

That's a good prayer. Even if it's just about diarrhea.