Monday, August 11, 2014

a glimpse at a conversation with my toddler

I was going to attempt this brief and interrupted blogging style... where I would just write thoughts as they came instead of sitting down to write blog posts novels. But it's not really working. 
Because, well, I have a toddler.
Don't get me wrong. 
I LOVE our toddler. She is sweet, curious, funny, feisty, a very loving big sister, and she has a killer run. (If you've seen it, you know what I mean.) 

I love her to the moon and back. [Bonus points if you can name that book.] 

But, in this current season, my thoughts are incomplete. And I thought that "incomplete" would be a fun and new way to blog - brief tidbits here and there. Little thoughts to share. Most of the time, though, I only ever get through half a thought. Just one little itty bitty glimpse of a thought. 

Like... wow the way that lady so kindly approached... [mama, mama, emma, emma? walk walk, crash.] That's Addie talking to me mid-thought.
So we talk about all those things. 
Me: Yes, mama is drinking coffee.
Addie: cah-fee, cah-fee. mama's. hot. hot. addieeee? nooooo. no. no. silly.
Me: Yes, coffee is not for Addie. Too hot. Just for mommy. 
Addie: baby? emma? nooooo. (She likes to say "no" in a drawn out teasing voice when she's joking. It's pretty cute.) 
Me: Right. Not for baby or emma. Just mommy. 
Addie: books? read, read, read. bus bus bus. (this means she wants to read the bus book.) 
Me: okay, go find it and I'll read it to you. 
She runs off. 
In my head, I should write about the sweet enthusiasm she has for reading and how I hope... 
She runs back with the book in hand & thought vanishes into thin air. Now I'm thinking about how we are going to read/sing "The Wheels on the Bus" for the 1,028,384th time. She has loved this book for months. 
Me: Yay, you found it! Let's read the bus book. 
Addie: Addie addie addie. 
Me: Okay, Addie read it to mommy. 
Addie: bus bus bus. nah nah. bus. emma? ride? ride ride ride. bus bus bus. 
[If you have a toddler, you understand that everything is repeated at least twice, often 3 + times at the age of 19 months.]  

Let's just say, my toddler is... chatty. 
I don't know where she gets it from. Probably her dad. [cough cough.]
So this is most of our day. I don't entertain her all day by any means, but she talks all day. To me, to Emma, to herself, to her baby. Really, I don't mind. I mean, I crave silence more than I ever have, but I love to hear her learning and articulating. I love that she can communicate her thoughts. I almost always understand her. It eliminates minimizes the whining. 

And so, here I am. 
Not many complete thoughts. And not as many moments to write the complete (or incomplete) ones as I'd hoped for. Still working on making time. 
Because I do love writing.
And I love sharing.
And I am so so so encouraged and tickled and inwardly blushing when someone says, "I read your blog." 
Yippee! I love that! 
I love that someone else could find any sort of connection or encouragement from something going on in our little corner of the internet. 
I love to record our lives so that one day I can remember what the Lord has done for us.
So, keep checking back. Don't give up on me. We'll be here.