Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Baby Update

Well, it's been announced. 
It's facebook official, y'all.

Baby #2 coming sometime around June 6. My sister-in-law happens to be a due a day before me (what are the odds of THAT!?!?!) So we announced with this picture. 

If you don't recognize Addie, you must be new around here, because I only post a gazillion pictures of her in every post. My sweet niece Lanie is on the right. These two girlies are 5 1/2 months apart. It's been so fun to have the cousins so close in age, and to share in this parenting journey with our siblings who are more like dear friends. 

This was the photo I sent to my side of the family who doesn't know my sister-in-law. 

More pregnancy details to come, but for now I just wanted to say - it's good to be writing again & it's fun to have our big (or rather, little) news out in the open!

p.s. just for fun, here's the first post I wrote about sweet Addie girl... before we knew she was a she.