Wednesday, October 17, 2012

links & shower

I haven't been reading too much on the internet these days, but here are a couple links worth heading to.

A good answer
Feeling out of place.

In other news, I went to Chicago for a baby shower this weekend.  My mom and 2 of my dearest friends hosted.  It was beautiful - full of fun & love.

Fall/ Pumpkin theme - my favorite! (can you see those awesome decoupaged pumpkins!?)

A diaper cake :) 

My mom made SO many mini pumpkin loaves - favors!

Cute welcome sign!

MIL and mom

people were so generous! we were certainly 'showered' with gifts 

my dear friend Rachael

Mom (Grandma Cathy) made baby a "very hungry caterpillar" quilt!! 

 My mother in law (Grammy) made a beautiful crib quilt.


 Guest appearance - this guy has guts walking into a house of ladies.  He was picking up Mary and I got to meet their new baby girl, Alyssa :)

Kristen led a sweet devotion about parenting and motherhood.  Now this is a girl who loves Jesus! 

A bow hanger from Rachael :) 

and the award for most fun wrapping goes to...

We opened gifts on and off throughout the event

I can't quite articulate all I was feeling-
overwhelmed by seeing almost every single person I love all in one place at one time.
very loved and blessed.
very grateful for people's generosity.
so excited to see 3 friends who came in from out of town just for this! :)
thankful this baby girl is going to be surrounded by people who love her.