Thursday, September 11, 2014

hospitality and pinterest

let's talk about pinterest. i have a love-hate relationship with pinterest. on one hand, i like the pretty pictures. i like the way it helps me easily keep track of recipes from all over the internet in one place. i like vegging out and scrolling. i like that it's like a free magazine subscription.

on the other hand, i think it easily tricks me.

tricks me into thinking i need to throw an extravagantly themed party for my two year old instead of just inviting everyone over to hang out and eat cake.

tricks me into thinking my kitchen should look like this

or a play room like this

now this isn't pinterest's fault. and extravagant parties and beautiful kitchens and organized playrooms aren't bad. but, they don't equal great hospitality.

Let's not confuse hospitality with a nice looking house or beautiful decorations. 

Hospitality says you before me.
Hospitality is sacrificial and serving.
Hospitality gives what you have, whether it's a lot or a little.
Hospitality helps people in need.
Hospitality welcomes all, even to a mess or a less-than-perfect house.

I have been on the receiving end of some great hospitality. People who've opened up their homes (big or small), and their hearts to say- you. are. welcome. here. just as you are. 

Something about their attitude and demeanor and presence that made me feel welcome.

And that is what I want people to feel in my home.

you are welcome here, just as you are.

So, I'll still browse and scroll, and click and pin. And my pinterest boards will probably be brimming with ideas and pretty pictures and recipes galore. But, they won't be dictating my hospitality.

Because even if it's just home-made Folgers coffee
in hodge-podge mugs
sitting on our craigslist couches
surrounded by toys  
laying on a floor that hasn't been vacuumed for an unmentionable amount of time,

you are welcome here, just as you are. 
So, come on over!