Thursday, May 30, 2013

a new season

We have entered a new season.  A season where, Lord willing, I will be staying home with Adelyn and Ben will be working.  In a couple months, Ben will take a hiatus from work to begin a 1 year masters program at Harvard in computational science and engineering.  Our goal after that would be for him to find a job in a field that he loves that provides for us to quickly pay off the loan from the year in Boston and allows for me to continue staying home with Adelyn (and any other little tykes that might follow).

This new season brings many emotions for me.
Relief - that I can focus my best energy on caring for my family.
Joy - that I can spend many hours a day with A.
Sadness - that I am leaving public school teaching (this emotion is felt in a very small amount)
Nostalgia - for the schools I worked at this year, the staffs and students of which I grew to love

But, gratefulness is the most dominant feeling these days.  Grateful to be home. Grateful to be rested and refreshed. Grateful to have more time in the Word.  Grateful to be the key decision maker in my daughter's life. Grateful to have energy to invest in our marriage. Grateful to not be in 'survival' mode. Grateful for a daughter. Grateful for family. Grateful for a faithful, personal, precious Savior.

This new season also brings lots of questions. Some important, some not.
How can I use my time efficiently?
Should I keep up with teaching in any formal way?
I've considered compiling a curriculum for elementary music ed - is this something I should invest in?
How can I contribute to our income?
Who will we be friends with in Boston?
Where will we go to church?
What books should I read? (This question wasn't even on the radar the past several months.)
Where should we go on dates? (What? There's time for dates again?)

And once again, I am grateful. Grateful that I don't need to have all the answers and that I trust a God who does.