Saturday, December 3, 2011


someone from a local piano studio contacted me about teaching group lessons & homeschool kids.  i've been praying for an "in" with a homeschool network. we'll see where that leads :)

Ben loves computer programming.  He's working on things that animate... like he enters all this fancy computer lingo into a program and hits enter and BAM!  a picture appears and starts moving.  cool!

i decorated for christmas. pics to come. maybe 

a name says a lot about somebody... here's a link to a little video about the importance of Jesus' names.

this politically correct children's book gave me a giggle.

a piano mom and i are starting this bible study.  i can't wait for it to arrive!!

a fun gift for those gifting on a budget :)

fabulous halloween costume...

this etsy print made me smile :)  i'd enjoy having it even though it's kinda silly

is it seriously december?!?!? o.m.g.

last week, i met with a personal trainer. it was included in a groupon deal with a month membership to a fancy schmancy gym here in town. she kicked my butt.  she was young and we started chatting and long story short... she and her boyfriend came to church with us this weekend.  I think God is working in their hearts!!

happy sunday!