Monday, November 7, 2011

monday rest

today is monday.
i was supposed to sub but i cancelled.  too much to do.
bills, budget, bank.
piano stuff.
phone calls.
license plates.
grocery shopping.

after i finally got my act together this morning, i went to walmart.
on the way, a man called. he saw my sign advertising piano. i thought - yay another student! he wanted to sell me a package with windstream, the internet company we already have and hate. but there's no competing companies. so we're stuck with it. i tried to be friendly.
i walked into walmart. no list.
could have sworn i grabbed it. i ripped it out of my notebook. i made the list saturday. had no idea what was on it today. because it's monday. that is 2 whole days to forget my list. ugh. said a polite goodbye to the advertising man on the phone and the man who just gave me the cart at the door. back home for the list.
15 minute drive.
list is on the counter.
back to walmart. feeling a little irritated.
then i remember that last night, we served food with the salvation army out of a truck downtown.  the food wasn't very good. we gave out 100-ish meals. to people who were waiting outside for not-very-good-mac-and-cheese-chicken-casserole from a truck.  and then i realize it's not that big of deal to have to go get the list because then i can go back to walmart and get fresh food to make for this week.
do my shopping. $30 on this week's groceries. this is why i make a list. score!!
get home. can't find the mozzerella. just had it yesterday. probably i threw it out on accident. it is nowhere to be found...
can't find the stamps.  just bought them last week. a new packet. cute christmas ornament stamps. nowhere to be found. they're probably with the mozzerella.
there are other things on my mind. i'm distracted. hence all the forgetting. forgetting despite the bajillion lists i made in the last couple days.
i'm distracted by the mom of a piano student who is a jehovah's witness.  we're meeting wednesday.  she is misled. i feel the spiritual warfare in my soul.
i am burdened for another mom who said to me "I'm starting to worry about where I'm going when I die" as i lent her the book "how good is good enough."  yet, i'm glad the Lord brought her to me and opened her heart and we're getting together this week.
i'm burdened for the people in need around me and around the world.

meanwhile, still can't find the mozzerella, stamps, AND i forgot something at walmart. distracted.

then i turn on my new favorite CD that one of my bestest friends in the whole wide world sent me for my birthday. the song i turn to is "restless." 
that's how i felt all morning. and yesterday.
the lyrics say....

and i'm restless... until i rest in you, o God.

so true. i listen to it repeatedly, singing it from my heart. praying. resting for a few moments. choosing an attitude of rest over anxiety. an attitude of gratefulness over grumbling.

Jesus invites us into his sweet rest. are you resting in Him today?
i am. and this afternoon is shaping up to be nice and peaceful.

p.s. the other day, i sent my husband an email in all lowercase letters. his first comment in his response was "i like the lowercase. very artsy." :) so, i'm going for it again. haha all these deep thoughts are making me feel artsy. and i'm really not artsy. so the only way i can express my artsy feelings is through lowercase letters on this blog. 

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  1. i seriously got shivers reading this post. so well written and so so true. if we could just rest and see everything clearly all the time by resting in Him. thanks for the reminder:)