Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Right after school a student came in and said, "Ms. Cook... um, like, today I'm getting an award at an RO [JROTC] thing, and it's in the auditorium, and um I'd really like it if you could come and support me... like if you're not busy."

How could I resist?

I have to say, it was incredibly boring!!! However, as I watched the students, these were my main thoughts:

1. On the whole, the group was incredibly disciplined.  Even when they weren't being called upon to do something in particular, the students carried themselves well.  Polite speech, smiles all around, etc... In an environment where anti-discipline seems to be the MO (i.e. always coming late to class, yelling out in the middle of class whenever you feel like it, suddenly starting a showdown about who stole who's guy, etc...) I think this program, amongst other things, is instilling self-discipline.

2. I love all my R.O. kids.  Well, I love all my students (thank you Jesus), but I like all my R.O. kids.  I have 7 or 8 students who are in R.O. and each is wonderful - sweet, kind, respectful, not to mention fun, responsible, and smart!! 

so, boring ceremony, but great program. 

p.s. when a student's name is called for a particular award, and they light up, (but sometimes try not to look too excited).... how sweet!!