Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Here are some words and phrases that have come up in ACT class;



relentless pursuit

This person’s deformity

Accepted the situation peaceably

Scientific inquiry

Tolerate adversity

Overriding concern

Did you know what most of them meant?  My students didn't.  Today, I gave them that list as a review of phrases we've seen in different readings.  We discussed the phrases when we first saw them.  (They ask when they don't know a word and we discuss the meaning.)  This exercise was supposed to be a quick review... it wasn't.  They didn't remember ANY of the phrases :( 

We've also been doing 2 vocab words per class (4 per week) that I've taken from a list of common ACT words.  Though we review them each class, they don't know more than 1 or 2 of the words :( Part of the reason is because they don't do the outside of class work.  I tell them to review their flash cards (which I provide) and/ or write the words and meanings out... they don't.  But, I'm also wondering if there are better ways to teach vocabulary... when the test is in April and they haven't seen such commonly used words! yikes! 

I don't spend too much time on vocabulary b/c I think it is in some ways close to a lost cause... not quite, but close.  They are behind in this category because of... well for a lot of reasons.  That's a whole different post.

Any ideas for teaching/ cramming vocab?